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Over 25 years of experience, excellent DJ skills and a sweet choice of tracks make DJ Tom one of the best all-round party DJ’s there is. DJ Tom’s ability to mix multiple genres seamlessly makes him a well appreciated DJ on weddings, corporate events and parties all over the world (with references in Belgium, France, Ibiza, Swiss, Vietnam, Tuscany, Italy, Spain, Iceland, Portugal, New York, South-Africa, Tomorrowland...).

The smooth combination of disco, eighties, nineties, groove, house, r’n’b and even retro-house tracks gives DJ Tom the unique edge that defines him as an ultimate all-round party deejay that can handle every crowd. Even big crowd festivals are not a problem. His ability to read the crowd and know what to play at the right moment makes it a night to remember. Every time again!

DJ Tom is not just a typical DJ who plays music.
He uses the music to create memories that will last forever.

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celebrate with friends

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creating memories

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music unites



the place where I lost my heart

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"The Mood Creator Radio Show” on Ibiza Lockdown Radio.

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T:  +32(0)476 74 06 09


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